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The Ring


Written by Susan Biegler, and performed by Susan Biegler and Susan Gencarelli - - The Lazy Susans.

Recorded live in Seaford, New York by Don Youngner (camera)

and Steve Biegler (sound).






In the drawer you never open

Did you toss it to the river’s tide?

In a box with all my letters

Or do you carry it deep inside?

Where do you keep the ring?


I bought it for you that summer

You spent three weeks on the Rhine

A hundred dollars was a lot of money

Three weeks was a long, long time


Your best friend said you’d never wear it

It looked like a wedding band

But nothing ever looked so right

Sitting right there on your hand




You kept it through all our break ups

Though this one’s been for years

You say you’re happier than ever

No fights, no knives, no tears


But maybe you take it out at night

Try it on like it were new

Fall asleep with it around your finger

And dream like I sometimes do



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