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Cup Of Me

Live At The Brokerage, Bellmore, NY


Written by Susan Biegler, and performed by Susan Biegler and Susan Gencarelli - - The Lazy Susans, with Marc Shulman on lead guitar.

Recorded live in Bellmore, New York by Don Youngner (camera)

and Steve Biegler (sound).






Well I ain’t like my daddy or my momma as it seems

I fall somewhere in between

My daddy is quiet, my momma is loud

He likes to be alone, she likes a crowd

It ain’t always easy being me




I’m one part rough and two parts smooth 

And with a mix like that, baby you can’t lose

Let me pour you a cup of me


Well I’m usually alone in the middle of the night

It don’t feel wrong but it doesn’t feel right

So if you’re looking for trouble, you’re looking for love

I’m tough as a snake and soft as a dove

It ain’t always easy being me


Repeat Chorus


Every day I’m moving

Every night time you know I wanna settle down

With you around


Well I’ve been across the ocean and I’ve been across the street

Something tells me that you and I should meet

Some like whiskey, others like wine

I’ll drink from yours if you drink from mine

It ain’t always easy being me


Repeat Chorus


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